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General overview

Bruno Couret


The brand Flavors & Chefs® is dedicated to bakery and pastry professionnals, it aims at offering high quality ingredients adapted to the needs of the most demanding professionals. We offer a range that includes nearly 500 items and is continually enhanced with new products: flavors, colors, alcohols, chocolates, dried fruits, syrup, candied fruits, ambient and frozen purées, ready to garnish, laboratory products, mix confectioners, dairy products ...
Flavors & Chefs® products are distributed in nearly 40 countries worldwide.

Our commitment:

We select the best ingredients from rigourous and controlled manufacturing processes.

Our ambition:

To offer you the possibility to combine in a single order, a single shipment the assortment of products you have chosen. We provide coordination, commercial, logistical and customs follow up in our warehouse, in the immediate vicinity of Paris Orly airport.

Bruno Couret
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