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Whole mini apricot 4/4 in syrup

Mini Abricots - 44 - Packaging

Product Code: xx  

Brand: BROVER "selected by Flavors & Chefs®"

Storage: At room temperature in a cool and dry area, keep in fridge (+4°C) after opening and consume quickly

Shelf life: 3 years after production date

Packaging: Metal box BPA free 4/4 - 1 carton= 12 boxes

To get technical data sheet please consult your Customer area

Description Commerciale

Commercial description

- Whole mini apricots in light syrup 4/4 (25-30 mini apricots per can)

- Net weight : 850 g - Drained net weight : 480 g

- Appearance : whole, unpeeled and regular apricots

- No known allergens

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